First Post: Premium Version of Dark Frontier had IAP removed

The Update 1.3.1 has been released (Premium Version):
- Removed IAP
- New Version of Kamcord
- Minor bug fixes

In order to remove the IAP the number of gems had to be adjusted:

First the powers have no cost anymore to use. The recharge time has been increased but once the player can use (and probably will) the powers on every level, several levels had to be balanced with it.

Also now it is necessary to purchase all heroes without the use of IAP.
Once the game has 90 levels it is possible to get 270 stars (3 per level), each star gives you one gem.

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Also there are some option to get extra gems:

Polycount Easter egg (+1 gem)

Watch full Credits (+5 gems)
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Sharing the gameplay video using Kamcord (+1 gem per video shared)
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The total of gems possible to get ingame now is 276 (270+5+1) plus videos shared

Some less useful heroes have been removed (it only appears on the free version now).
To purchase all heroes you need the total of 270 gems. This means you have some freedom to get all heroes without 3 gems on all levels.
Once the heroes cycle daily it is possible to purchase the heroes you like more once they appears.

All Heroes from the Premium Version:

Links for the game:

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