Dark Frontier - How to Play

Control your heroes to defend the village against the incoming hordes.

Lesson 1: 

  • Click over the hero to select him.
  • Click to move your hero.
  • Your hero gonna attack any enemy that reaches his attack range (red circle).

If you click over an enemy, your hero will attack the enemy and then return to where the hero previously was. If you want to keep him there, click on the ground instead.

Do not keep clicking over the enemy, this won´t make your hero attack faster.

 Lesson 2:  

  • There are three waves, next wave is harder than the previous one.
  • You can level up your characters to make them stronger and also restore their health.
  • You know when your hero is ready to level up when you see yellow particles flying from him.


Wait for your unit attack before you move it or select a new target. 

On the top left it is shown the amount of XP you got killing the enemies. On the unit info there is the amount of XP you need to level him up 

Use the level up in your favor, this is a good way of restore your unit health if you don´t have any other way of heal him yet.

Lesson 3: 

  • You get stars by: Winning the round, don´t let the house get much damaged and not loosing any hero.
  • You get one gems for each star you received.
  • Gems can be used to purchase new heroes. 


Unique heroes change daily. If one hero is not good for you or is too expensive, try it next day. 

Lesson 4 (more advanced): 

There are basically 4 types of units:
  • Melee Units: Short range, good health and regular attacks: Warrior, guard, dwarf, etc.
  • Range Units: Long range attack, low health and weak attacks: Archer, crossbowman, etc.
  • Healing Units: Can restore other units health, but have low health and very weak attack: Healer, Cleric, etc.
  • Medium Range Units: Medium range, medium health and strong attack: Spearman, Halbeard, etc.
  • Special Units: Have special powers such as armor, area damage, poison or armor piercing attack: knight, ogre, wizard, etc.


Unique heroes:
 - Cannot be leveled up. 
 - You receive them as prized by killing bosses or bought using gems. 

 - They normally are cheaper than standard units, making them great on levels where you have low resources. 
 - They can have special powers making them great to special strategies.
 - They aren't the solution for all your problems, if not used right they can be worse than standard units.
 - A healer is normally useful when playing with unique heroes.

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