Dark Frontier Tips - Part 1

Dark Frontier has been consider Hardcore for many players.
Yes, this game can be really challenging, but once there is NO IAP all levels can be beaten. Don´t be afraid of trying.

Ready for the Challenge?

Are you a good strategist? Some levels can be very easy once you know how to win it.

Please find below some tips that will help you playing Dark Frontier:

  You need gems to unlock "Unique Heroes".
 You can move your unit to another spot or just use this feature to tell him to attack certain enemy and return to his spot.
Knowing how to use the "Level up" is a strong strategy to win. Not only it makes your units stronger, but also it restore the unit health.
Unique heroes have a better cost/power than regular units. But you cannot upgrade them. Pay attention to their health during the game or use some healer in the team.
Not all Unique Heroes work with you style of playing. Just wait to the next day to see if a new Hero can fit your needs.
They are great to save resources or win certain levels. But they are not always the best choice.

 This is a powerful tool, use it wisely.
 Traps can be deadly or totally waste of money depending of the level. Great use for them: Wolfs or other fast enemies.
 Learning what unit do and how they change on higher levels are great ways to win.
Some units have armor. The number shows how much damage is absorbed. 
Pay attention to the Armor Piercing icon.
Some units have Poison, if your armor is higher than the caused damage your unit won't receive the poison damage.

Each ways of playing has a different use for walls. Other never use it. Some levels can be easy to win using walls. Others can be harder, just try different strategies.

Good luck defeating the Hordes!

Dark Frontier Tips - Part 2