Dark Frontier Tips - Part 2

This post is a continuation of the Dark Frontier Tips - Part 1

Feeling powerful? Maybe it is time to get prepared to bigger challenges!

 Look for the above icons on the character description. They are special powers that can be used for you or against you. Learn what each of them do.
 Forgot what each character do? Check your heroes on the "i" button on the bottom of the screen during the round. In "Pause Mode" you can check the enemy stats as well.
 Fighting against a boss require special strategy. If you are smart they can get killed easily.
 Sometimes a level can be hard to win with the initial characters. Try to win other levels to unlock new powers, traps and heroes.
 Area damage is a strong weapon. Heroes with it can hit more than one enemy at the time. Enemies with area damage can hit several heroes with one single attack. Try to separate them to not get hit.
 Healers are weak and quite expensive, but sometimes it is better to have less soldier and not have to worry about their health. This is special useful against big bosses.
 This unity is loved by some and hated for others. He is cheap, slow and with low health, but have a strong attack and good range. Even at his first level can hit armored enemies. Can be a great line of defense behind some a stronger soldier.
Hitting from distance is always a good strategy. Learn how to use them and when not to use them. 
  • Archers are cheap, have a slower "damage per second" than melee units.
  • Crossbowman cause great damage and are great against armored targets., but have a very slow fire rate.
  • Longbowman: Great damage in a very long range. It has more health than other range units making him a strong unity against enemy archers. But they are expensive.
TIP for Advanced players: Try to select their target, this way they won't waste arrows on dying enemies.
Wizards are long range units that cause area damage that hits through armor. Making this unit great against armored bosses and hordes of enemies.

Have Fun!